Hi, I am Christy a Raw Food Coach and I’ve written many recipe books. Look at the ebooks to see my creations!

I am Christy 50Y from the Netherlands. My profession is social worker, spiritual carer and artist. I work with people with chronic illnesses who need emotional support and lifestyle advices. I am also a raw food coach.
My own rawfood story started 15 years ago. Before that I was vegetarian from age 16. I came across raw food on a spiritual retrait and I instantly know in my soul that this was the healing path for me. I suffered from birth with eczema, asthma and adaptive depression. Beyond age 30 it became worse with severe food allergies. I have been hospitalised many time from the side affect of the drugs that doctors prescibed. On a life threatening basis, sadly enough.
After I found raw food and experience the energy it gave me, it took me many years to go fully raw. I went back and forth between vegan and raw vegan, low fat and high fat, processed food and unprocessed. My symptoms didn’t disappear and became worse most of the time. I did not know what was happening.
I took 30 or more prescribed drugs on a daily basis including many topical and oral steroids. Then I discovered topical steroid addiction and the red skin syndrome. These are severe eczema like symptoms because of steroid use. This explained why the raw food did not work for me at that time. The drugs made me ill. I went through a quick(!) detox for 9 months starting with cooked (vegan whole) food to slow down the heavy detox. With fasting and cleansing the body I changed to a raw fruitbased lifestyle. I never went back. My health is better then ever in my life. For me this is a true miracle. I am so grateful. I am blessed that I can guide others in their healing path. See my Instagram @christiannekok.

picture by Joost Plattel

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