1 on 1 Natural Food Coaching Program


Natural Food Coaching (= NVC)

The NVC program provides tips and education in whole plant-based foods/lifestyle. It also offers emotional support and coping with difficult situations regarding the program. The program’s tips and information are mostly based on personal experience and data from sources such as De Groene Dag vzw, Medical Medium books, 80/10/10 of Dough Graham Phd, Natural Hygiene of Herbert Shelton, NutrionalFact.org of Micheal Greger MD and books of Neal Barnard MD.

NVC coaching program contains

– 4 sessions of 1 hour with 1 on 1 video calls (through Zoom, Discord or FaceTime) on week 2, 4, 8 and 16.
– Education on the 3 phases of detox:
1. Gentle detox
2. Green Juice Days
3. Raw Vegan Detox Healing

– email contact for explaining the program or questions about it
– recipes and lifestyle advice
- questionnaires and follow-up tips and advice based on the answers
– mental and emotional coaching through email and video calls across the 16 weeks of the program.

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The program start with an questionaire. Than followed by an personal recommendation for food and lifestyle. The 1 on 1 session videocalls of 1 hour are in week 2 and 4, 8 and 16.



picture by Joost Plattel